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North Plainfield Middle School is located in the suburban community of North Plainfield, New Jersey and is home to the Canucks! The North Plainfield Middle School is home to about 525 7th grade and 8th-grade students. At North Plainfield Middle School we are committed to building positive relationships with all students and staff to provide quality education in a safe environment that promotes academic success, respect for self and others, and, ultimately,  lifelong learning.  The middle school experience builds positive relationships with our students and community through quality programming and staff's dedication to your children. A variety of extracurricular activities are offered to students, such as: 

Art Club Chorus
Drama Club Jazz band
Robotics Club Concert Band 
Walnut Review Newspaper  Hope Jr.
Student Council  Girls Who Code
National Junior Honor Society Intramural sports: Volley Ball, Flag Football, & Field Hockey 

Clubs are facilitated by staff members who understand the importance of exposing students to experiences that expand students outside of the classroom.  These experiences also provide students with the opportunity to meet students beyond their usual circle of friends.  There are several athletic experiences for students to try out for, as well.  

Basketball  Track & Field
Baseball Wrestling
Softball Soccer

Students and parents are always encouraged to support our teams, as these experiences offer students learn real-life lessons like sportsmanship, establishing positive relationships, role models, and healthy competition. 

Lastly, our Parent Teacher Organization invites families to become directly involved in activities that promote the relationship between home and school.  The PTO collaborates with outside agencies and staff members to bring to our school family-centered programs like Family Dinner Night, The Hispanic Community Night, Staff Appreciation Lunch, and fundraising. They also support our Spelling Bee, Open House Holocaust Museum, and the Live Museum. Their partnership with the school contributes to our student's success.