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Principal's Corner

Dear North Plainfield Middle School Community,

I am honored to have been appointed principal of North Plainfield Middle School and to be trusted with such a role, thankful to be given this opportunity, and humbled by the outpouring of support I have received. A product of the North Plainfield school system, I take great pride in our students, staff, programs, and our school community as a whole.

As the Assistant Principal, I have spent the last four years learning and growing with our students and staff, and I am confident in the foundation we have established. While the challenges that lie ahead of us are vast, I am confident we will work to ensure success for all. Accountability, Consistency, and Effort will be the hallmarks of all we do, and Success will be the outcome!

It is our goal to cultivate a school community inclusive of all people. A community that works proactively to develop a positive school climate that is safe, welcoming and encouraging for all. A community that values the contributions of each person. This includes the voices and contributions of our parents. We will support and promote achievement and success for our students on all levels; academically, athletically, in the arts, socially and emotionally. Our data analysis work will ensure that we are properly informed. We will use this work to determine the most appropriate ways to schedule, develop and map curriculum, review and implement consistent grading and work submission policies, provide co-curricular and extra-curricular offerings and determine our long-term budgetary needs. And we will share in and promote the achievements of students and staff. Much of this will come in the form of our social media initiatives combined with displays and programming inside the building that will draw attention to our successes. Success breeds success, and we, as a school community, will be successful.

In our school, we have adopted the mantra Work With A Purpose. We ask that you join us in this venture. In doing so, we ask that you be active participants in the education of your child. Monitor and talk with them about school. Dialogue with their teachers. Take part in school-based activities. I am confident that, together, we will provide our students, your children, with an outstanding middle school experience.

Thank you and be well,



High School Principal
Mr. Robert Lake